The Flying Pink Pig

Tessa Taylor, Sunny Lane, Nicki Hunter, Emy Reyes Despite the controversy and legal wranglings surrounding the film, Cal Vista and Cheeky Monkey proudly present the latest release from award-winning director Erica Mclean.

The Flying Pink Pig revolves around a high end, gourmet food truck business run by Sunny Lane. Sunny uses a special aphrodisiac and hot delivery girls in uniform to keep her high-end customers coming back for more. Ron Jeremy wants a piece of the action, so he sends Nicki Hunter in to infiltrate the business. The film utilized an actual food truck from the Los Angeles area called The Flying Pig.

The owner of the Flying Pig claimed he didn’t know his truck was going to be used in an adult film and sued the director to stop the release of the film. Obviously, it didn’t work. So, sit back and enjoy the taste of The Flying Pink Pig where the refills are free and the sloppy seconds are always on the house(or in the truck).

Stars: Ron Jeremy, Lee Stone, Tommy Gunn, Niko, Tessa Taylor, Sunny Lane, Nicki Hunter, Shayla LaVeaux, Sasha Heart, Emy Reyes, Michael Vegas, Megan Foxx

Director: Erica McLean

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